Quality Policy


CHP provides project management, development management, construction management and superintendence services to a range of institutional and private clients. We manage projects across commercial, industrial, retail, childcare and residential sectors with a particular focus on mixed-use developments.

The purpose and objective of the CHP Project Team is to provide and manage solutions which meet the specifications, standards, quaility expectations and timetables required by clients, and in doing so create high quality completed building projects.

To achieve this objective a formal system has been implemented to document evidence of standards achieved, continuously improve our inefficiency in project management and enhance the CHP reputation in the industry.

CHP quality aims are as follows;
• Maintain open collaborative and cooperative working relationships with clients whilst remaining outcome focused;
• Foster a working environment of shared purpose and mutual benefit;
• Maintain a high standard of ethics and environmental responsibility in all our business activities;
• Utilise management Procedures that comply with the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015;
• Communicate our Goals effectively within the organisation;
• Initiate and maintain high levels of training and education within our team; and
• Review and assess our performance with respect to this policy.

The CHP Directors shall review the QMS at planned intervals (QMS Management Review Meetings) to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness. The QMS Management Review meetings will evaluate the need for changes to the QMS identifying areas of possible continuous improvement and refinement of quality policy and nominated objectives.

As a leadership team the Directors and Management are committed to achieving the objectives of the Quality Policy and to the continuous improvement of all aspects of our systems, materials, techniques, work methods and management systems. Furthermore it is of the uptmost importance CHP focus on continuous education in an effort to understand and implement improvements and advances in technology into the business as they are available, as evidenced by:

a. the establishment of the Quality Management System and measurable objectives,
b. the creation of a workforce culture with a strong focus on quality – lead by the Directors,
c. ensuring the availability of necessary resources to support the requirements of the QMS,
d. building relationships with clients by maintaining a client focused approach,
e. managing the needs and expectations of our Interested Parties,
f. taking ownership and accountability for the Quality Management System effectiveness including non-conformances and improvement opportunities,
g. ensuring that quality policy and objectives are established and compatible with the strategic direction of Promotion Products,
h. ensuring the quality policy is understood and followed,
i. ensuring the integration of the quality into operational procedures,
j. promoting awareness of the process approach and the risk management framework,
k. communicating the importance of conforming to Quality Management System requirements and the benefits of effective implementation on products and services,
l. ensuring that the Quality Management System achieves its intended outcomes outputs,
m. encouraging, engaging and supporting staff to allow for their contribution to the Quality Management System,
n. promoting improvement and innovation, and
o. supporting other relevant management roles to demonstrate their leadership as it applies to their areas of responsibility.

James Cousins
Director of CHP

Date: -7/10/2022

This Quality Plan describes the company’s quality system and has been prepared in compliance with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015

Not Applicable:
a. ISO Clause 9001:2015 7.1.5 Monitoring and Measurement Resources – CHP Projects do not use any monitoring or measuring equipment.
b. ISO Clause 9001:2015 8.3 Design and Development – CHP Projects do not undertake any design and development activities.